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Lighting Controls

Simple and intuitive way to control your lights.

Control your lights from your phone or through your voice assistant. Recall your favorite light levels with one button push. Lights can be set on a schedule and dimmed optimizing your energy management. The sky is the limit. 

Network + WiFi

Peak connection independently of where you are in your space.​

This is what some call the brains of a smart environment. We provide seamless WIFI connectivity throughout your space, and a high performance network that will integrate with all your systems effortlessly.

Multi-Room Audio + Video

Enjoy sound and video in one special space or throughout, simple and seamlessly.

Extend your favorite music or live sports throughout your living and working spaces. Enjoy beautiful sound designed to fit into your interior aesthetic.

Security + Cameras

Peace of mind when you are in or anywhere in the world.

See who is at the door while you are away. Check that doors are locked, and provide access to visitors remotely.

Energy Management

Save the world and your pocketbook.

Save energy by controlling temperatures when spaces are unoccupied. Automatically begin heating or cooling as you approach. Integrate your lights and energy usage creating a harmonious environment.

Home Theater

A professional experience in your home with your personal touch.

Bring the cinema experience to your home with the click of a button. Submerge yourself in high definition sound and video that brings movies alive.

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